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I need this service so bad, but I was told that they can resolve it in 2 hrs and it took 5 close to 6 hrs so I would have like to be told that if they were to run into any addition challeges that it might take longer but over all every things was excellent. Thanks
Adreenne witcher

I want to express sincere thanks and gratitude to the technician who professionally and relentlessly worked on the repair of my computer.
I am a 70 yr old who does not know all of the latest computer avenues.
Again I say thank you soooooooo very much. I can now see my emails and work on my cards. God Bless you ALL.
Diane Brooks

I thought everything went pretty smoothly, considering that I am an old person and partially deaf.
I appreciate Ayub's patience with me in cleaning up my computer. Thanks, again.
James L. Riddell

Your team was very patient with me and incredibly helpful. Thank you very much.
Christine "Tina" Triche

I am very pleased with my experience. The knowledge and courtesy shown was Outstanding. You have a team to be proud of. A very satisfied client.
Bradley J, Wilfong

Keep Up The Great Work!!! I will recommend this company to family and friends!!! Thanks!!!
Angela Webb

Techs were very patient in answering any questions. They kept in touch while working on the computer at all times. I would recommend them to anyone who has a problem like I had. Glad to have the computer back up and running. Thanks!
Janice K Spires

I am very grateful for the expert, friendly and professional assistance I receive from Amit. My computer was functioning very poorly but Amit was able save my information and straightened out the mess my computer was in.
Amit demonstrated patience with me and was very considerate of my lack of computer knowledge. Thank you Amit for you kindness to me during my distress with my computer. You were GREAT.
Also a special thank you to Nitish and Alisha for their expert assistance and guidance with my computer problems. Nitish, Amit and Alisha never gave up - they worked tirelessly to resolve my computer problems. What a wonderful team of workers.
I can now use my computer without further worries, Thank you very much
Susan Spiegelberg

My name is Ian Woodward, and I have just had the pleasure of having support for three of my Computers. I want to commend Cynthia, Kevin and Nitish for the excellent response, efficiency and assurance as they solved my problems. They are a Big Credit to your Company and are deserving of high praise.
Best Regards,

Though I must go to my doctor, I wanted to get this off to you to thank you for all your work and effort. All has paid off beautifully. I am very very pleased with your service and will recommend your company and Nitish to a friend of mine who is currently having trouble. I know that everything will work just fine, but should there be any problems, I know with great confidence that I can come to you and you will fix it. Again, thank you so much. In this day and age, it is very had to be without one's computer!
Best Regards,
Becky Silva

nitish has been so helpful and extremely nice and proper in explaining everything to me what he was doing to fix my computer.i asked him multiple questions on things i did not understand.he answered all my questions and concerns .he was very prompt calling me back each and every time and also extremely nice.i would highly recommend him.he is very patient and willing to repeat anything that that i did not hear or laptop was so messed up,but he did not mind helping me out and spent many hours on fixing the major problems.i cannot say enough good things about him,he is highly intelligent and is very qualified in what he does.if i ever have another problem,i hope i get him to take care of it.
Thanks again nitish for all your help.
Jill Olson

Om worked on our computer this morning after our e-mail had been hacked into. The service was fast, and very satisfactory and resolved all issues with the computer. In actuality the computer seems to be operating faster than it did before with less time in it having to change pages. In addition, it kept me from havingto takethe computer out of the office for repair which would keep me from using the computer for several days.
Excellent work and I would refer the work to another user.
Mark Kroman

Jason did a great job on my computer tonight. It was in very bad shape and he was patient and kind and obviously kinew what he was doing. I really appreciated the efficient job that he did in very little time.
Thank you for your time.
Peg Mead

Thank you, Shailesh for all your assistance, I really appreciate the help and patience, getting my computer and I Pad back in working order.
Sincerely. K.Scadin

Your tech specialist was wonderful. He was patient while working with me and spent nearly the entire day. trying to correct all the errors on the internet. I really appreciate it, because in the past when I have had to deal with computer specialists, it was not pleasant. What a joy to work who was sympathetic
Esther Williams

I had the honour and the pleasure of having my computer rescued by a professional technician that with a lot of patience and knowledge in his field(oh yes) fix all that was wrong with my computer. Ihave done business with electronics specialists in the past but nothing like my experience today.Everything was explained to me in a manner that I understood,my questions were answered with ease of understanding all the time professional! All I have to say is "THANK YOU" for saving my system at the same time your patience and most of all,your expertise.
You have to proud of what you do!Koodoo
Yvon St-Laurent
73 front


Thanks for the e-mail and document. I want to express my appreciation to all the individuals that worked together to fix my two computers. They were very professional at all times. One individual named Tina started working with me at first and was very patient explaining all the problems. An extra thanks goes out to her. I will recommend Vap Blaze LLC to others.
Thanks Again,

Thank you very much for the service your company has provided. Alex has done a very nice job cleaning and scanning my computer. I found out today that someone had hacked my email and was sending out mass spam email using my account.I cannot say enough about how much you have done for me today.
Again Thank you
With kind regards,
Merv Johnson

Mark! You did a wonderful job! Thank you so much!! Your Boss should give you a raise for doing such a good job!!
Don Chadwick(GA)

Very satisfied with the service. Other techs tried yesterday to get rid of the hacker and they were not successful. This speaks very well for your service. If you could place an icon on my desktop where I could reach you in the future it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for the great service,
John J Sumerlin

Ravi did an excellent job helping me fix my email account. I am very pleased and completely satisfied with the work Ravi did and the information that was given to me to prevent future problems. I learned a lot of new information. The customer service was excellent and very smooth. I would definitely recommend this to friends and family. I appreciate all of Ravi's time and efforts. An excellent worker!
Thank you so much!
Jamie Sta. Maria

I really appriecate the immediate response time and resolution to my e-mail and computer speed problems. Ravi was quick to respond, was very patient with me and answered all my questions.
Thank You,
james cole

To Whom It May Concern: Last week I purchased your service because my 6 month old computer started to act strange. Your two technicians worked on my computer and seemed to have resolved all of the issues. I was very happy and sent in an e-mail to confirm this. That evening, I noticed when I would "click" from one site to another..., such as to a subtitle of an advertisement in my e-mail, I would get a window that said,"Internet has stopped working". Today I phoned, and got a answer machine. I gave my name and number. I must tell you sir that I was very afraid. "I thought that I had paid $200.00 and was scammed". To my surprise...., in less than 5 minutes I got a call back from Jack. From that time on I felt secure. Then Ravi took over and made me feel secure and happy. He fixed my problem!!!! Sir, I cannot put into words just how confident I am in your service. It is great to know that there is an honest company that lives up to its word and contract. If you ever want an honest testimony...., just ask me. Just when I thought I had met all of the nice technicians....., I have now just met the manager....., Mark. He is such a gentleman, a professional, and an asset to the company. He was very comforting and thorough in his follow-up with me over the phone. Please tell him and all of the people that have helped me today again and the other day also..., THANK YOU! I wish all of your employees and your company much success.
Thank you again!
John Panella

I was desperate when I called. My fears were allayed by a very competent employee of yours, his name was ashu, I think. I am techno-stupid; however this wonderful man made me feel competent. Thank you for hiring people like him.
Julie Bridges

Thank you for the great technical support you provided me. I understand that I will be able to access my email account tomorrow at 7am due to my account being frozen due to too many log in attempts. The service was excellent and I will make sure to recommend your services to others.
Amy Christie

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